is BACK!

What up, party people?

This is Three, your favorite producer, emcee and hip-hop cultural preserver, etc, etc. I’m back as editor-in-chief of, eastern Iowa’s go-to for all things relevant and related to… well, myself! I’ve been away, helping build the careers of Jose G, Uncle Buc and Bill Thousand, as well as recording, mixing, producing and writing for over thirty-five different acts from around the way and I have been BUSY!

But I’m back now (and you missed me greatly, of course)! I’m gathering bloggers, video directors and musicians as well as other talented individuals to bring you an experience: Marketing tool, publicity and store spot for content like music, videos and well-written articles, whew!

In closing, I hope y’all embrace the Blog like you once did years back some time before the creation of Three’s Brand.


THRRR–(Three’s Blog)!

P.S. – Shouts to R. Leon at The Sound Box for making this possible, man. Brothers for life!